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Pet microchips are the size of a rice grain relying on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. They chip transmits a unique number over radio waves that helps identify your pet.

Microchips do not have battery nor do they require any energy source. They just lie idle until they are scanned.

Microchipping your pet is a simple process. You can either take the chip in the sterile packaging to your regular veterinarian or head over to one of our partner vets. The vet will insert the chip and sign the certificate.

It only takes a few minutes to microchip your pet.

The microchip is inserted on the midline between the shoulder blades

Microchip does not cause a reaction in a pet in normal circumstances. However, when inserting a foreign body, there is always a possibility of a reaction and associated medical complications. The possible reactions include migration, inflammation, infection, abscess formation and tumour formation. Such complications are extremely rare. In fact the British Small Animal Veterinary Associations Microchip Advisory Group noted that in the 40 lakh microchips that were inserted, only 0.009% were associated with any adverse reaction.

Microchipping your pet should not cause any more discomfort than your pet while getting vaccinated. Some pets, if they are already in pain or sensitive in their skin, might feel slightly more discomfort during the process. We advice to talk to your vet before microchipping your pet.

Your pet doesnt need to be put under anaesthesia to be microchipped. They can be awake during the process.

It is highly unlikely that the microchip wont be read by the scanner. Before inserting the chip, scan the microchips from outside the sterile package to ensure it is working. In the rare event that it is not, reach out to us on support@petaadhaar.com and we issue you a new one.

In rare circumstances, microchips can migrate inside the pets body. The chip tends to stay close to the insertion area when implanted by a trained veterinarian.

Microchips is not a GPS device and cannot be used to track your pets movement. A microchip only shares information which can be used to identify the lost pet.

A microchip can stay inside your pets body for the entirety of their life. The sterile packaging of the microchip comes with an expiration date. If the pet is chipped before the date, the chip will remain sterile and safe within the pets body.

Pet Aadhaar does not manufacture microchips. Our Lost and Found Kit contains a microchip from worldwide leaders in microchip manufacturing - Allflex.

You can activate your pets microchip by subscribing annually or lifetime on Pet Aadhaar.

A microchip is only useful as long as it remains active and updated with the latest contact information. You can keep your pets microchip activated for an annual cost of ₹1499 or a lifetime cost of ₹5999.

It will not be possible to use the microchip to identify and reunite your pet using the microchip. Without registration, the chip or the Pet Aadhaar Tag wont display any contact information.

You will receive an email in your registered email ID confirming your Pet Aadhaar subscription.

If you would like to upgrade from annual to lifetime while your annual subscription is going on, please contact our team on support@petaadhaar.com

If your microchip is registered with another database, you will still need to register on Pet Aadhaar to make full use of the Lost and Found services, which also included the Pet Aadhaar Pet Tag that is linked to your registered microchip.

Pet Aadhaars Lost and Found Kit included a pet microchip by Allflex and a Pet Aadhaar Pet Tag

Having a pet go missing can be extremely stressful. In the unfortunate event that your pet goes missing, you can alert us on the platform. Our team will guide you in making posters and any other material to help locate your pet. The Pet Aadhaar Pet Tag will come in handy in case someone spots your pet and is able to scan the QR code to reach out to you. In case the pet is taken to a veterinarian, the vet will scan the pet for a microchip. If it is registered with us, we will be able to reach out to you and reunite your pet. If you believe your pet has been stolen, please contact the police.

If your pet is found, you can claim ownership by showing the microchip certificate.

If you have found a lost pet, check whether they have a Pet Aadhaar Pet tag to scan and contact the legal owner. In case the tag is not there, you can take the pet to a veterinary clinic to scan the body for a microchip. If the microchip is registered with us, you will be able to contact the guardian

You can order a replacement Pet Aadhaar pet tag by visiting here -

It is easy to update your contact information by visiting your profile once you have registered on the platform.

You can update your pets information in your pets profile once you have registered your platform.

In the unfortunate death of your pet, you can contact us on support@petaadhaar.com to stop your subscription. You can also join our support group in case you would like to get help in grieving over your pets loss.

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