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Pet Aadhaar

Have you ever worried about losing your beloved pet? Or struggled to keep track of their vaccinations and medical history?

With Pet Aadhaar®, you can give your pet a unique identity and protect them for life. Our digital platform allows you to easily manage your pet's information, ensuring their safety and well-being

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Why Microchip?

A registered microchip is your pets unique ID. Once you register with Pet Aadhaar®, you can:

  • Reunite with your furry friend if they go missing.
  • Keep track of vaccinations and medical history.
  • Access important pet details anytime, anywhere.
  • Join a supportive community of pet lovers.

Basics of Microchipping

Why to microchip?

Microchipping is the key to unlock several benefits for you and your pet. From revolutionising pet care to increasing chances of reuniting a lost pet, a registered microchip goes a long way to improve the welfare of not just your pet, but all pets.

Is it safe to microchip your pet?

Microchipping is a safe process done by professional veterinarians. Similar to vaccinating your pet, the process takes only a few seconds and is usually painless for most pets.

How to microchip my pet?

Microchipping your pet is a simple and safe process. Once you register on Pet Aadhaar®, take your Allflex® microchip to one of our partnered vets or a vet of your choice who will safely chip your pet.

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Having an up-to-date registered microchip provides a reliable lifeline to lost pets, ensuring they can be identified and reunited with their families quickly and efficiently.

times more likely for pet to be reunited if microchipped & registered

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Frequently asked questions

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What is a microchip?
Pet microchips are the size of a rice grain relying on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. They chip transmits a unique number over radio waves that helps identify your pet.
How does the microchip work?
Microchips do not have battery nor do they require any energy source. They just lie idle until they are scanned.
How do I microchip my pet?
Microchipping your pet is a simple process. You can either take the chip in the sterile packaging to your regular veterinarian or head over to one of our partner vets. The vet will insert the chip and sign the certificate.